Trust Job Africa (TJA) is an independent, non-partisan, development and advocacy organization. Founded in 2017 TJA is registered in GHANA.WE created  to spearhead the Youth Development model in Ghana with a view of replication in other African Countries.Youth Led Development (YLD) is about young people making a living and future for themselves and their communities. YLD involves Economic and Social investments such as business start-ups and community improvement projects, devised and managed by young people. YLD projects involve adult mentors with skills in the respective area being addressed, working with and mentoring the young people. Developed and well governed Africa drawing on the energies of all her children. MISSION STATEMENTWe exist to harness the productive energies of youth towards peace, equity and prosperity within and across communities in Africa.OUR PHILOSOPHYYouth are essential agents and creators of change in society.Youth are capable of being at the forefront of effecting change for the good of all in society.Every youth deserves a chance to actively participate in development